Bob Little

Bob Little

Not all PR folk are the same!


Some PR people Bob Little Press & PR
Are attractive, gorgeous,
personable, agreeable, great company, smile a lot
Bob Little

Even a whole tub of vaseline smeared around the lens won't turn me into your typical PR eye candy...but...

They do this: We do this:
Get the business; then outsource it to the 'B' team. Tell the truth as you would want it told.
Agree with anything. Work on really specific objectives and targets.
Apply mechanistic PR distribution.  
They don't do this We don't do this
Tell you the bad news in time for you to do something about it. Say and promise anything to get your business.
Put in extra, unbilled hours to make your campaign a success. Over-estimate the cost of a campaign, or run up excessive expenses bills.
Discriminate between taking on clients they can and can't help. Take on a client we know we're unable to help.

Not all PR folk 'talk the talk' but fail to deliver

Standard PR drivel Bob Little Press & PR
You must understand that PR is all about awareness, not selling. We're trusted by editors and journalists - so you get coverage that regularly exceeds your expectations.


It's all about 'doing lunch'.  
It's not what you know but who you know You need to be honest especially when there's bad news. It will pay dividends for you in the long run.
You can't measure our success by column inches.  
Facebook, Google Plus and Tweeting aren't really important for business-to-business PR. We aren't precious about 'PR' and keeping 'PR' in its silo. PR has to support selling and contribute to the bottom line.
  Good, focused PR will open the door to customer acquisition and market penetration.
  The tougher the market, the more PR can differentiate you from the crowd.
  Social media and social networking has transformed the potential for PR to help your business - especially since your competition won't be using it to best advantage.
  We tell the truth as you would want it told.

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